The main research topics of the Institute are

  The creation of polymer-based materials for biomedical application is one of the main topics in modern science, which is devoted to solve problems with human health and national safety.  
  One of the key topics is focused on working out of new materials for medical application, intended for contacting between nature media with living organism, which is quite necessary for regenerative medicine. The more interesting point is directed on creation of biocompatible, resorbable materials for development of new directions in medicine -  cellular and fabric engineering, creation of artificial implants etc.
  • Tissue Engineering;
  • Simulation of macromolecules and biosystems;
  • Biodestructed and resorbable materials;
  • Drug delivery;
  • Сellular engineering;
  • Creation of materials for sanitary-and-hygienic application;
  • Nanomedicine;
  • Biosensors;
  • Biotechnology;
  • BioChemical Engineering;
  • Creation of artificial organs;
  • Smart materials.