General Information

   On the basis of contemporary achievements in the field of biological, chemical, medical and technical science, the genetic and cellular engineering can be used potential opportunities of purposefully created live systems (mainly microorganisms) for increasing the living standards of humanity. By means of biomedical technological products can be solved production and technological, environmental and socio-economic problems of the countries, therefore the development of biochemical technologies is one of the most important areas of scientific and technical progress in the world.

   Development of new methods and materials, instruments and equipment, hardware and software for biochemical and medical science demands the formation of new type of scientific and technical specialists. These professionals are required to know contemporary problems facing the biological, chemical and medical sciences as well as advanced technology of modern physics and engineering. They should be familiar with biological objects and their properties, know actual achievements of molecular and cellular biology. At the same time, they need to know the physical bases of biological and chemical phenomena and effective methods of development of modern technical devices, including computer technologies in development of mechanical and electronic apparatus, be able to program and simulate in various algorithmic languages??. From 2013 year to 2020 year it is planned to organize 2 laboratories per year within BioEngineering institute for interdisciplinary international research in cooperation with leading laboratories of the world.


   There are 2 laboratories at the present in the institute:

  • “Smart-Lab” (supervisor prof. Uspenskaya M. V. and prof. H.Tenhu, the head of the Laboratory  of Polymer Chemistry, University of Helsinki (Finland);
  •  “Modeling of biopolymers and systems” (prof. Neelov I.M. and Borisov O.).


   And 2 laboratories are in process at the present:

  • “Laboratory of biopolymers” (supervisor Shleikin A.G., prof. Kajava Andrey, Research Centre in Macromolecular Biochemistry, Research Group “Structural Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling”);
  • “Materials for medicine” (supervisor Textor Hans Marcus, Professor emeritus at Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Department of Materials).